Anonymous said: I was the person that asked the initial simple/hard life question (the mad anon wasn't me). I guess what I meant a "simple life" is is one that is boring in the best way, good and lacking hardships & challenges on the path to achievement / fulfillment. What I meant by "hard life" is a life that is interesting in the way that you must challenge and test your ability to overcome obstacles and hardships to achieve the things you want

Thanks for clarifying… And thanks for not being the one to assume.
According to your definition, I would still choose hard life. The part that really stuck out to me, which I really empathized with, was challenging and testing my ability to overcome obstacles. I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself when it comes to making work, and I feel that if I didn’t challenge myself I wouldn’t want to make anything. Overcoming an obstacle, overcoming my hesitations, and making it an educational experience are some of the most satisfying feelings for me.

allergic2urbullshit said: Hey Orr, you seem pretty awesome and I love your blog. And hair! Question time :D If you were the most powerful person in the world for just one day, what would you do/say/change?? x

well thanks, allergic2urbullshit! ..even though i haven’t sensed any bullshit so i don’t feel allergic. I would definitely ban animal agriculture, animal testing, and any kind of animal exploitation. Implement an equality law… equal pay, equal opportunity, equal healthcare, equal food distribution, etc. Implement a policy to have all rapists and molesters executed. Hire Jacques Fresco to design a new society/city structure. Ban production of guns/military weapons/nuclear weapons and war declarations.

Anonymous said: Pretty sure there are lots of people who would like a simple life... Not upper middle class white art students but

ohohoho! looks like someone’s trying to start shit. 

First of all, you clearly don’t know how I grew up and the fact that i was a poor israeli kid my whole life. The only reasons i ended going to an art school is because A: i got a scholarship. B: I got a loan (indicative of someone who can’t fully afford their education). and C: my mum wanted me to get a degree in something and the only thing I wanted to pursue is an education where I can make things because I enjoy working with my hands.

Secondly, you asked me specifically. I gave you an answer. I did not say everyone wouldn’t want a simple life. I said that it seems people who started out with a simple life tend to want to complicate it/be more stimulated in some way, consciously or subconsciously. But still, i don’t know exactly what you mean by simple/hard.

Anonymous said: Would you rather have a simple life or a hard life?

Depends on what you mean by simple/hard. A ‘simple’ life just sounds unappealing… No one wants to be a basic bitch… Right? And a ‘hard’ life just seems typical in our society… Having to face challenges is part of living and ultimately the satisfaction of overcoming struggles can be much more rewarding and gratifying than having none. It seems that people who don’t have any hardships start looking for them and getting into trouble at some point or another. I dont necessarily mean I want a ‘hard’ life.. But I definitely don’t want a simple one.

Thanks for spicing up my shift, enjoy your fried day.