Anonymous said: What made you become a vegan?

I met my current partner right after they went vegan. In fact the first thing she ever said to me was “would you like some vegan cake? I made it myself.” Right away a lot of our conversations revolved around the food industry and animal agriculture, and Mikayla was doing all the talking because I didn’t know diddly squat about that… But I listened. She spoke of it with such passion and sincerity that I felt like I had to listen… Regardless of the fact that I just thought she was a cutie patoots and that’s why we were talking in the first place. At the time, it just seemed like we were getting to know each other, and the reality and significance of my food choices didn’t really set in until years later, sadly. I watched Food, Inc. - that made me vegetarian. I wanted to go vegan but my taste buds were still too selfish. Then I watched Earthlings, that’s when it clicked. I finally understood why I needed to be vegan. When a person understands WHY people go vegan, truly understands… Then they go vegan. There are no excuses, they would just do it. It took me three years after being introduced to it to actually make the transition, because that whole time I sympathized, never empathized. Empathy does not exist outside of a vegan lifestyle. The moment you understand that you can no longer take part in the systematic destruction of the planet, your health, and non-human animals, is the moment you truly understand why vegans go vegan.

Mikayla helped open my eyes and take in information without bias… But ultimately, seeing the destruction was what made me become vegan. I have never been so sure about anything in life… Even my gayness … And I’m really fucking gay.

Anonymous said: What's Orr short for, though?

The orrgy your partner experiences as they think of me.

Anonymous said: What's your real name?

Orr means light in Hebrew, so allow me to enlighten you, if you will. I was born and raised in Israel, where Orr is an androgynous name that is fairly common (more frequently used for males). It was given to me at birth (meaning it’s on my birth certificate, meaning that is my name). Also, my parents are cool people.

But I like that you just assumed it wasn’t my name… As if it’s so out of the ordinary that there is no possible way my parents would have soberly made that decision. Also, may I suggest that you never use the word ‘real’ (whatever that even means in this context) in front of the word name when asking this question… Because it kind of makes you seem like an asshole who’s completely dismissing a person’s preferred name. There’s a valid reason why some people prefer not to go by their birth name and that should be respected and never implied to be fake. Luckily it was harmless this time because my birth name is my preferred name… But I know some people who’d find this quite hurtful. Next time please consider your diction.

Don’t mean to be an asshole, but the sarcastic smartass bitch in me felt it was necessary.

Thanks for asking :)

Anonymous said: What gender do you identify as?

I’m a strong, independent gentlelady who happens to look like 16 year old boy with a blooming mustache. So female.