Anonymous said: in that picture of you with the dogs you look sO damn good like your hair and face just wow perfect and don't even get me stARTED on how marvelous your outfit was

Well thanks! I must say I was pretty proud of the outfit :1

Anonymous said: Not to be inappropriate, but I just wanted to say you're quite honestly one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

I’m sure you’ll see prettier people… But thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said: 1, 2, 15, 46

I’ve kissed a girl, never a boy.

I do partake in such recreational activities.

Someone has won my heart by being cute, passionate, and loyal.

Anonymous said: Do you plan on making more vegan t-shirts? Because I would really like to buy one

Definitely planning on it, just haven’t had too much time or money to buy shirts in bulk. They will look different but still have the triangular design.

Thanks for inquiring, glad people are still interested in those :)

Anonymous said: 16, 30, 35

No hard drugs. Although I’m sure my eye bags insinuate a different answer.

Yesterday I was at home, moping about school and shitty unnecessarily cruel bullshit… But then Miki got home and we strolled to Loving Hut, had two noble burgers with fries, heavenly curry, and stumbled back home munching on chocolate mousse pie. It was quite nice.

Favorite fruit pie is appoe but I need ice cream with it. Favorite pie in general is pecan.

Anonymous said: ALLL OF THEMMMMM

If you met me face to face I would do that… But I’m not about to sit here and type it all out. Thanks to you I learned a lesson, but could you pick 5 or something?
It’s almost as if you were too lazy to read all of them so you just chose all of them. Well, you know what? I’m just as lazy as you, probably lazier… so pick. Be specific about your curiosity.